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Vehicle groups with environment-differentiated toll rates

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)  needs to know your foreign vehicle’s Euro class and fuel type to calculate the correct rate in toll stations with environmental price differentiation.

Foreign vehicles must pay the highest rate if the vehicle’s Euro emission class or fuel type is not registered. Please register at  if you do not have a user agreement and a toll payment tag.

Anyone who has registered environmental data will obtain the environment-differentiated toll rate for electric vehicles in urban areas, in Oslo and Bergen. Only those who use a toll payment tag will be charged less for an electric car than for conventionally fuelled vehicles outside Oslo and Bergen. This is because the lower rate for electric vehicles outside urban areas is classified as a discount and not a toll rate, and discounts on road tolls are only granted to vehicles with a toll payment tag and a valid user agreement.


The selection that you enter in the mandatory fields/topics for the vehicle emission register:


Registration number

Vehicle class



Length (cm)

Weight (kg)

Euro class

Fuel type

Particulate filter? ( Y/N)

Must be extracted and match by a valid vehicle register document that you upload in STEP3.