Debt Collection

Equal treatment of all vehicle owners

European Debt Collection

The idea of road user charging is to charge the people that use specific bridges, highways, road networks or parking spaces.

Unfortunately, a small minority of people, fewer than 0.5% of all customers, don’t pay their road user charges or reminders on time.

It is only fair to the vast majority of people who do pay on time that we collect this debt from those who persistently don’t pay.

If a vehicle owner still hasn’t paid by the due date, the debt will be passed to our appointed debt enforcement partner, who acts to recover the debt.

The costs can increase significantly for anyone who has not paid on time. Please note that the debt at this stage is handled by our partner agency and anyone receiving a notice of enforcement in the post will need to pay their debt to them.

Epass24 has appointed debt collection partners in all European countries to act on behalf of road toll operators.

If you have received a notice from any of our partners, please contact them directly if you have any questions.